Japanese Ivory Buddha Shrine

This superb carved ivory travelling Buddha shrine dates to the Meiji period in Japan (late 1800's). It is 4 inches tall and is signed by the artist on the reverse. The carving is extremely detailed and precise. Every side on the outer casing displays a scene, the front having three holy men holding a scroll - standing under a tree with a falcon-like bird watching over them. The back displays a well dressed gentleman, perhaps a holy man, sitting on a rock peak, holding a sacred bowl up to the sky as an offering. Both sides are carved dragons, twisting and turning among the clouds. Each of their tails wraps to the top and to the bottom .. see pictures below. The doors on the front are exact, opening perfectly and shutting so exactly that they actually snap. Inside is a 3D shrine, the Amida Buddha in the center encased with flowers, the rays of the pure light filling the background. Each scene blends perfectly together, complementing each other and leaving the person holding it in awe at the sheer artistry of the workmanship. A superb cornerstone piece of the Villa Del Prado Ivory Buddha collection.